A better way to flush

December 26, 2008

It sits there quietly, always ready when you need it. But it accounts for 30% of the water used inside most homes. “It”, of course, is the toilet.

But not all toilets are equal. Years ago, toilets used 20 ltres/flush. But today’s efficient models use just 6 L. Some even have dual flush controls, so you can flush with 3 or 6 L, depending on the needs of the moment.

The good news: you can now get a federal EcoEnergy grant when you upgrade to an eligible low flow toilet (and, in NB, assistance from Efficiency NB too). A list of eligible models can be downloaded from here (beware: there are MANY more toilets out there than you might have thought!). But remember, to get a grant, you need to get an EcoEnergy home evaluation done first.

Replacing an inefficient old toilet is the water equivalent of trading a Hummer for a hybrid – a great way to save!


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