Where’s the cheapest gas?

December 26, 2008

As consumers, we tend to really pinch pennies when it comes to buying gas. Often, we’ll even go out of our way to save a fraction of a cent per litre.

But does this really make sense? Just for a second, consider the math. Saving one tenth of a cent per litre on a fill-up of 50 litres adds up to a nickel. Most of us would see a saving of 2 cents a litre as a big thing, but even that adds up to only one dollar saved on a tankful – about the cost of a cookie and some crumbs at the local coffee shop.

If we have to go out of our way to get “cheaper gas”, the savings are usually more than offset by the amount of extra time we spend going for it, and the amount of extra fuel we burn in the process.

So where is the cheapest gas? All things considered, it’s usually at the first station you drive past in the course of your usual travels. Even if it costs a few nickels more per tank, it likely will benefit you more than that in saved fuel and time. And saved fuel is always better for the planet!!


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