In praise of Ecotarians

April 29, 2009

Are you an “Ecotarian”? (You don’t have to change your citizenship to be one…)

An Ecotarian is someone who considers the environmental implications of their food choices, and selects a diet that has a minimal impact on the planet. Since our food makes up big part of our personal carbon footprint, selecting wisely can make a huge difference. High on the ecotarian menu: local food (especially from your own garden); minimally processed food; food with little packaging; organic food; food high in veggies and low in meat. At the bottom of the ecotarian menu: food, especially produce, from faraway places; meat; highly processed and/or frozen food; food with heavy packaging; food originating from endangered or threatened species.

Be an Ecotarian: you’ll do the Earth a big favour by making wise choices at home and wherever else you eat.

After Earth Day

April 22 marked the only holiday that is recognized around the world: fittingly, a day to think about our world. And many people did: the news was full of stories about special green activities. But the planet needs just as much attention today as it did yesterday – and it will need it tomorrow too. So please spread the word: we can fix our environmental problems – but it starts by making every day Earth Day.

In the news

New York’s famed Empire State Building is undergoing a major retrofit – with energy efficiency as a top priority!

Know anyone who still doubts the reality of climate change? Here are five points EVERYONE can agree on.


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