Measure your mileage… then manage it

May 21, 2009

Most of us aren’t exactly sure what our fuel mileage is – and that makes it hard to tell if changes to our driving habits are yielding results. Here’s an easy way to save 10-20% on your monthly gas bill:

1. the next time you fill up, make note of your odometer reading. A glovebox notebook is best, but a slip of paper works too. For your next fill-up after that, note the odometer reading and the amount of fuel you bought. Then divide the distance you drove since the last fill-up by the amount of fuel it took to fill your tank, and you have your ‘benchmark mileage’, be it kilometers per liter or miles per gallon.

2. practice this one easy habit: drive as if you have an egg taped under the toe of your right foot, and your aim is to get where you’re going without breaking the egg. Gentle on the gas, gentle on the brake, maximum coasting.

3. repeat step one to get your new mileage. If you’re a typical driver, you’ll see a 10-20% savings – just like that!

You can see your vehicle’s official rating here (Canada) or here (US).

In the news

This week US President Obama announced aggressive new fuel economy standards for new vehicles that are projected to save 1.8 billion barrels of oil over the next five years. Good for the wallet, good for energy independence, good for the planet!

Ontario has passed its Green Energy Act, committing that province to becoming a leader in renewable energy.

If you are in the US, please call your Congressman or Congresswoman to support passage of the Waxman/Markey Clean Energy and Security Act ( – it’s a critical step to progress against climate change.


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