Ever hear of “Dayburners”?

August 11, 2009

That’s the technical term for streetlights that stay on all day. They’re not supposed to, of course, but occasionally they do. Usually the problem lies with the electronic ‘eye’ that switches them on and off: either it’s defective, or it’s covered by leaves or other debris that fool it into believing it’s dark.
But here’s a downer: a single streetlight burning 24/7 for two months in the summer can result in up to 80 kg of unnecessary greenhouse gas.*
The good news about dayburners is that when you spot one, you can do everyone a favour by reporting it to your utility so it can be fixed. A simple action with an earth-preserving result!
*Assumptions: a 100 watt bulb (the minimum streetlight bulb size) burning 15 extra hours daily for 60 days; and all power generated by coal.

In the news
A new report by the American Psychological Association concludes that policies to successfully fight climate change must overcome some basic human psychological barriers – like uncertainty, mistrust, denial, undervaluing risks (a factor smokers can relate to), lack of control and habit. http://www.reuters.com/article/mnCarbonEmissions/idUS190715377520090807

Most of us enjoy a summer barbecue – but there’s an environmental downside to a meat-heavy diet. More on the subject here: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/rss/article/755515.


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