Save on soap while avoiding the flu

October 20, 2009

During this flu season, signs advising proper hand washing technique are posted everywhere: wet hands, apply soap, wash, rinse, dry.  I’m no expert in the matter, but it seems to me that the process can be tweaked a bit to get the same benefit with a bit less soap.  

Here’s why.  When I wet my hands first then get a pump of soap, I find that much of the soap slips off my hands and down the drain unused – and so I need to get another pump of soap. 

So instead, my hand washing technique has become: get a pump of soap first, rub it around a bit, then wet my hands lightly and carry on with washing as usual.  Lots of lather, clean hands and a bit of soap saved.  True, it’s just one pump – but if a million people do it…

In the news

Remember “Beds Are Burning”, the 1987 hit by Aussie rock group Midnight Oil?  It’s back, with updated lyrics focusing on climate change.  Supported by a “dream team” of 60+ international music and entertainment stars, the song is being promoted as a musical petition for climate change action in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit in December.


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