Hung out to dry – in winter even!

November 17, 2009

The clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy hogs in your home; clotheslines can save a heap of money and energy. But what about those cold winter days, when hanging clothes out isn’t very pleasant?

Consider portable or retractable clotheslines: lines that can be set up indoors or in porches when needed, and neatly put away when not in use. There are many models available, from single strands that can be strung above your bath tub to room-length multiple parallel lines that can hold a full load of laundry. (If you have wood heat and a ceiling fan, you’ll be amazed at how fast clothes dry indoors.)

You can see different models here or here (note: not an endorsement, just examples).

One important note: it’s good to dry clothes indoors, but beware that you’re not creating excess moisture in your home, because that can cause problems such as mold. In many homes, the natural air leakage is enough to remove moisture. In more air-tight homes, air exchangers usually prevent moisture problems. But take note!

In the news

Disappointingly, world leaders meeting in Singapore have given up on reaching a global climate agreement in Copenhagen next month,28804,1929071_1929070_1939676,00.html, and Prime Minister Harper’s office has indicated that the PM is not going to the summit–pm-to-skip-summit-on-climate-change?bn=1.

For a quick overview of the Copenhagen summit, click here:

Check out this YouTube video and get involved with a neat new project, Love Letters to the Future.


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