Snow and Ice can help me save energy and money??

December 15, 2009

Several years ago, I worked with potato farmers – wise and pragmatic people.  In springtime, they would bring some snow into their potato storages.  Snow absorbs a lot of heat as it melts, so it kept the storage (and potatoes) cool, extending the life of the potatoes. 

Just as snow keeps those potato storages cool, it can help you save a bit of energy and money at home:

  • If you take snow or ice from outside and put it into your fridge, it will absorb heat as it melts, meaning your fridge comes on less.  (That’s how ‘iceboxes’ worked in the days before fridges.)
  • You can make ice cubes for free outside, giving your fridge’s freezer compartment a break.  (When you pause to think about it, it’s a bit odd that we use energy to make ice in winter…)

Take advantage of FREE snow and ice to save a bit of energy and money!


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