For the holidays, an easy reminder: keep that fridge door closed

December 31, 2009

In this season of leftovers, it’s worth being reminded of a common sense tip: you can save money and energy by opening your refrigerator as infrequently as possible and opening the door only as widely as necessary.
To help remember, imagine your fridge as being full of water.  It comes gushing out each time you open the door.  The more frequently and the wider you open the door, the more water that ends up on your floor.  
Cold air in your fridge is like that water: it’s heavier than warm air, so it comes tumbling out each time the fridge door opens.  And the more cold air that escapes, the more your fridge needs to work to replace it.  That costs energy and money.
So the next time you open your fridge, imagine that it’s full of water and act accordingly.  Your fridge will thank you by using less energy!
In the news:  
In a moving speech at the Copenhagen climate conference, Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed declared, “There are those who tell us that solving climate change is impossible.  There are those who tell us taking radical action is too difficult.  There are those who tell us to give up hope.  Well, I am here to tell you that we refuse to give up hope.  We refuse to be quiet.  We refuse to believe that a better world isn’t possible.”
To all readers of Green Ideas, my greetings for a joyous holiday season and a successful, green 2010.  Please refuse to believe that a better world isn’t possible – and start by changing your corner of it! 
In the vast, bleak coldness of this universe, Earth, our home, is no more than a pale blue dot – something to contemplate as you mull over your resolutions for 2010

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