Sometimes one IS enough

January 26, 2010

In public washrooms, soap and paper towels are available for free – so it’s easy to get into the habit of using lots of both.  Yet when it comes to clean hands, one pump of soap and one paper towel are usually enough to do the job.
I believe most people want to do the right thing – but often we need little reminders.  If every soap dispenser had a little sign next to it, “Please use just one pump” and if every paper towel dispenser had a little sign “Paper comes from trees – please use as little as possible”, I bet a lot less soap would get used and many trees (and dollars) could be saved.
Agree?  If so, check out attractive, free signs here.  Download them, print them and post them in washrooms at your school, office, business or other public place.  I’m betting you’ll see an instant difference!
(Please e-mail for information on mounted or laminated signs customized with your logo.)
In the News:
Even as climate change marches on (the latest news: 2009 was tied as the second warmest year on record ), there is no shortage of confusing and contradictory climate information in circulation.  For concise, science-based explanations of common denial arguments, check out the UK Royal Society’s simple guide (sourced from this page). 

If you’re among the many who heat with electric baseboards, you need to know about mini-splits: an easy retrofit that delivers big savings on heating. 
Hydro-Québec and Mitsubishi last week announced the largest electric vehicle trial in Canada.

Automatic door openers are in buildings everywhere these days, helping provide access to people with mobility challenges.  But their popularity has led to an unintended side effect: many people with no mobility issues have gotten into the comfortable habit of pressing the button too.

Automatic openers use electricity, and they often hold exterior doors open long enough for a lot of heat to escape.

So to save a bit of electricity and heat, why not leave automatic door openers for those who really need them, and , if you can, open doors the old-fashioned way.

In the News

What are the TOP 10 environmental moments of the past decade?  Here they are, according to CNN.  The last two sentences of number 8 will likely surprise you.

Who – or what – came out on top in Copenhagen last month, and who – or what – lost out?