Freecycling, a great way to clear clutter and keep stuff out of landfills

February 9, 2010

Every day, landfills across the country receive truckloads of things that are perfectly good but just not needed anymore.  It’s an inglorious end for stuff that still has useful service to offer.

But there’s a better way.  If you’re looking to get rid of perfectly good stuff that’s cluttering up your basement, garage or office, consider freecycling it.  Freecycling is making it available (via the internet) it at no cost to someone in your community who could use it. 

Check out; there’s a good chance you’ll find a local on-line group you can join.  If there’s no Freecycle group in your community, you can ‘be the change’ and start one!

You won’t get rich freecycling, but you can unclutter your life and you’ll do a good thing by keeping stuff out of the landfill before its time.  And maybe, you’ll discover that someone’s giving away something YOU want…

(If you prefer, there are plenty of charities across Canada that can use your used goods:


One Response to “Freecycling, a great way to clear clutter and keep stuff out of landfills”

  1. Jeff Roach said

    Carl, instead of initiating a new behaviour, why not encourage people toward a behaviour they are familiar with: kijiji and craigslist. They perform the same function as freecycle but millions are already using those services and it’s always best to go to where the community already is.

    I joined a local freecycle site several years ago and it was useless – because so few people were on it. My partner and I now post everything we don’t want to Kijiji (craigslist isn’t so popular around here) with stunning success! Sometimes we even make some money off of it which is definitely a motivator.

    Most importantly, Kijiji and Craigslist are two businesses with interests in growing their communities and stimulating the same behaviour you are encouraging.

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