Small gadget, big savings

February 23, 2010

Toilets are a home’s biggest water users.  If you can’t change out your old toilet (which probably uses 13-20 litres per flush) for a new one that uses just 6 litres per flush, here’s a simple and inexpensive alternative.
It’s called a a toilet tank fill cycle diverter – a tiny device that installs in a toilet tank in seconds, and limits the amount of water that flows into the bowl during filling.  It saves water every time you flush – potentially saving over 10,000 litres per toilet per year!
Here’s a three-minute video showing what a diverter is, how it works and how to install it:
You can find plenty of models and suppliers by Googling toilet tank fill cycle diverter.
Two more strategies to save even more water:
– put a brick or bag of water in your toilet tank, so it uses less water every fill-up
– pour a few drops of food coloring into your toilet tank.  If any of the color seeps into the bowl before you next flush, your flapper probably needs to be replaced – a small cost for HUGE water savings.  Here’s a one-minute video showing you how to do it: .

2 Responses to “Small gadget, big savings”

  1. Jeff said


    I have been looking for this device but I can’t find it. Not even on ebay. Any ideas?

  2. carlsgreenideas said

    Try Googling “fill cycle diverter” (in quotations)- you should get a few hits on suppliers.


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