If you’re ready to look beyond light bulbs and recycling, here is the one best thing you can do to help the planet: change the way you get to work tomorrow.

Transportation accounts for 200 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually in Canada and 1.8 billion tonnes annually in the US.  Much of that is produced by cars and light trucks.  Commuting to work is probably the single biggest environmental offence each of us commits: frustrated and tooting while idling and polluting.

Here are the most eco-friendly ways to get to work, in order:

1. Walking, biking or telecommuting (working from home);

2. Any form of public transit – take the paper or your laptop, and enjoy being chauffeured; and

3. Carpooling, a great money-saving option for people living beyond the reach of public transit.

For the health of our planet (and therefore us), perhaps the whole notion of commuting solo by car needs to be reconsidered.

If you are ready to make a big commitment to a better planet, change the way you go to work tomorrow.  Call a friend, take the bus or hop on a bike.  The timing couldn’t be better: it’s Earth Day.

Taking the stairs is good for your health – but it’s also good for the planet.

Many of us use elevators and escalators every day without thinking.  But both run on electricity, so they have an environmental footprint.  It’s estimated that elevators consume 5% of the electricity used in a typical office building.  That might not sound like a lot – but there are over 700,000 elevators in Canada and the US, and all those rides add up to quite a footprint.

So if your daily routine includes an elevator or escalator ride, why not consider taking the stairs instead?  Good for you, good for the Earth!