Just unplug it!

June 1, 2010

Many appliances in our homes and workplaces use electricity even when they are turned off.  Incredibly, they were designed that way – usually for convenience.  It’s called ‘phantom power’, and dozens of items in a typical home use power 24/365.  The phantom power used in Canada is more than enough to power every home in New Brunswick.

What to do?  Here are three suggestions:

1.  Learn to recognize things that use phantom power: anything with a clock, a remote control, a charger, one of those blocky-looking plugs, or a quick-on feature (IE most televisions).

2. Get into the habit of unplugging items when they are not in use, or use a power bar: when clicked off, it eliminates phantom power.

3.  When buying, choose appliances that use little or no phantom power; look for the ENERGY STAR logo, indicating best-of-class performance.

For more info, check out this great overview of phantom power from the Office of Energy Efficiency.


One Response to “Just unplug it!”

  1. Saving energy is 50% products and 50% habit. Getting into a good habit of doing certain things will ensure that your energy bill isn’t high. I think we sometimes forget that, energy efficiency isn’t just about the products but about taking every step to ensure that energy does not go to waste.

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