With a simple click, you can save a square meter of rainforest every day

Most of us don’t think about which website opens when we start our internet browser every day; it’s usually Facebook, MSN or something similar.  But we can use our first click of the day to help preserve the planet’s rainforests.

Here’s how: make the Rainforest Site, www.therainforestsite.com, the home page you start from every day.  Then just click the box “Click here to give – it’s FREE”.  And with that simple action, you’ve preserved just over a square meter of the world’s rainforests, the lungs of the planet that can absorb back some of the CO2 ‘exhaled’ by our burning of fossil fuels.

It’s not much, but those square meters add up – over 100,000 people click the site every day, and nearly 30,000 hectares have been preserved so far.

The land is paid for by sponsors who advertise on the Rainforest Site.  If you visit, you’ll also see similar sites in support of breast cancer, hunger, literacy and more – all causes you can support with the simple click of a mouse.

You can make The Rainforest Site your home page by going to it, then clicking Tools – Internet Options – General – Use current.

October 10, 2010: a day for local actions and global solutions

If you’re yearning for solutions to climate change and environmental degradation, mark October 10 – 10/10/10 – on your calendar.

That’s the day www.350.org is organizing work parties all over the world to tackle solutions through local actions.  From solar panels to community gardens to wind turbines to bike workshops: people will be working together to share information and implement the types of solutions our planet so desperately needs.  If you’re ready to turn your good intentions into great actions, why not take part?  Your planet needs you!

Register here to join or lead a local activity – in your community, school, workplace, faith community or home.

Click here for great project ideas, big and small.

And click here to see a slideshow about 10/10/10 and learn what the 350 stands for.

Help make 10/10/10 a turning point.  Think globally, act locally!