Cash from trash

September 7, 2010

Turn some of your trash into cash for your school, charity or non-profit

Imagine if you could turn some of your garbage into dollars…

You can – with TerraCycle!  TerraCycle pays cash for certain items that are commonly thrown in the trash, like empty drinking pouches, cookie wrappers and yogurt containers.  True, it’s just a few cents for each, but those cents can add up – especially in schools, where the daily trash can include hundreds of such items.

Here’s how it works: you go to TerraCycle’s website at (and it has a link to affiliate sites in several other countries), choose which trash item(s) you’d like to collect, and sign up.  Then periodically send in what you’ve collected – TerraCycle and its sponsors pay the shipping, and will send you money for each item.

Get started today – go to, watch the video, and sign up.  It’s simple and there are absolutely no fees!


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