The carbon footprint of a shower

January 11, 2011

Four ways to lower the environmental impact of that morning shower

Consider this: every 10-minute shower you take under a conventional showerhead adds about 65 cents* to your monthly power bill.  That’s about $20 per month if you shower daily.

Each shower also results in emissions from generating that power: in New Brunswick, over three kilograms of carbon dioxide; in Nova Scotia (where most power comes from coal), over five kilograms.  Ouch!  (You can check out carbon dioxide emissions per KWH of electricity in your province here or in your state here {fourth page}).

Here are four quick ways you can reduce those costs and emissions:

1. install a low flow shower head, a simple installation that will pay for itself in about a month

2. consider taking shorter showers

3. consider lowering the temperature of your shower a little

4. consider showering every second day instead of daily

*6.6 KWH @ 10 cents/KWH


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