Vote green every time you spend

February 21, 2011

Make a difference by practicing Ethical Consumption

Most of us strive to get the best deal when we shop, and usually price is the way we measure a deal.  But often, the cheapest isn’t the best deal, because it comes with hidden costs like toxic ingredients, unfair labour practices or environmental degradation.

Every time we choose to buy (or not to buy) something, we’re giving a thumbs up (or thumbs down) to a vendor and manufacturer.  You could say we vote every time we open our wallets.

You can make a difference by practicing Ethical Consumption.  That means, where possible, consciously looking beyond just a price tag and choosing products that are healthy, local, environmentally-friendly or fair trade.  You might think you don’t have a huge influence, but you do: just as at election time, every vote counts and enough votes can generate huge changes.

Good news: StatsCan indicates Ethical Consumption is on the rise in Canada.


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