Green Your Workout

March 6, 2011

Staying fit is a healthy choice – but the way we do it may not be very healthy for the planet.  Consider the modern fitness center and its electric lights, electric fitness machines, electric air conditioning, electric televisions and electric sound systems.  Plus heating; plus laundry; plus showers; plus bottled water; plus the emissions of clients getting to and from the gym.  It all adds up to a significant strain on the planet’s health, just to maintain ours.

Perhaps there’s a better way.  In some places, pioneering efforts are underway to reverse that equation by generating power from fitness machines – check out this link.  But since that’s not mainstream yet, for now, maybe it’s worth bypassing the treadmill and… just going for a walk or run outside.


One Response to “Green Your Workout”

  1. Christie said

    I do understand your reasoning and certainly exercising indoors or outdoors without machines or spaces specifically climate controlled for exercise is less costly to the environment. On the other hand, sedentary behaviours contribute to overweight and obesity which have a huge negative impact on the environment. Both are causal factors in diseases whose treatment is very costly to the planet. I think I’ll stick with promoting trips to the gym while asking the gym to use recycled paper towels to clean machines and eco-friendly products, and to turn the lights down!

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