Forego the fertilizer… and pesticides

May 3, 2011

Why not unpamper your lawn?

Lawns have a significant carbon footprint.  Sure, they absorb a small amount of CO2 from the air as they grow, but that’s far less than the emissions produced by fertilizing, watering and mowing them.  Nitrogen fertilizer – the stuff used to speed up greening – is derived directly from natural gas, as are many pesticide products.  It takes energy to pump water.  Mowers take fuel.  If not left on the lawn, clippings take energy to transport.  If they end up in a landfill, they end up emitting methane as they rot.

So – why not consider unpampering your lawn this year?  No fertilizer (or maybe a sprinkling of fine compost instead, and leave the clippings); no pesticides; and as little water as possible.  It may grow a little slower, but that means less mowing – not so bad either!


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