Turn it off for the summer…

June 28, 2011

…the Air Exchanger, that is

Most airtight homes these days have air exchangers, or ‘heat recovery ventilators’.  They are often referred to by their trade names – Venmar and Vanee, for example.  But of all the appliances in our homes, air exchangers are perhaps the least understood.  They bring in fresh air and blow out stale air during those cold months when our windows are closed.  However, their controls can be confusing to anyone who might have missed that science class explaining relative humidity.

The result?  Air exchangers are often left on during summer months when windows are open, wasting power.  As well, by bringing in heavy summer air, they may actually bring humidity inside.

There’s an easy fix: just turn your air exchanger off for the summer – either by turning the control way down, or by just unplugging the exchanger itself from the outlet.


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