Cleaning without poisons is easier than you think

July 12, 2011

Non-toxic cleaners: easy to make; safe and effective to use

If you use conventional cleaners in your home, you are likely harbouring some pretty potent poisons in your cupboard… poisons with health effects that range from short term irritation to long term trouble.  Plus many of them aren’t very good for the planet either.  That makes conventional cleaning a puzzling paradox of good and bad.

Fortunately, there are safe, green alternatives you can make yourself.  They may not have fancy fragrances (which are usually chemicals anyway), but they can be just as effective as commercial cleaners.

Don’t be intimidated – all you need are a few basic ingredients and a few basic recipes.  Here are some great links to help you get started:


One Response to “Cleaning without poisons is easier than you think”

  1. Hi Carl,

    Very helpful information. I learned of your blog through my wife’s cousin who lives on the Kingston Peninsula. Glad you’re doing important advocacy and education work on health and environmental issues.

    All the best from Ottawa…Jim

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