Be kind to your fridge, and save

July 26, 2011

The best way to thaw frozen food

Ice absorbs an awful lot of heat as it melts.  That’s why we use ice cubes to keep beverages cold.  (Google “Latent heat of fusion” if you’d like to know the physics of it.)

Frozen food works the same way – it absorbs a lot of heat as it thaws.  You can make that principle work in your favour by placing frozen food inside your fridge to thaw.  That way, it absorbs heat inside the fridge, making it work less and saving you a little money.  (Older folks may remember that, in the days before electric refrigerators, kitchens had iceboxes that worked solely on that principle.)

It takes a bit of planning to develop the habit, but it’s worth it: thaw frozen food in your fridge!

(Thawing frozen food in the fridge has a double benefit in the winter: if you let frozen food thaw on the counter, it actually cools your home, making your heating system work harder.)


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