Save on printer ink

September 20, 2011

Make “draft” quality your default

Ounce for ounce, few things are more expensive than ink for the inkjet printers many of us own and use.  I recall reading a few years ago that manufacturers make more money through ink sales than printer sales!

There’s an easy way to make your printer’s ink cartridges last longer: simply change your printer’s default setting to the DRAFT (or fastest printing) mode.  That setting uses the least ink but still yields a print quality adequate for most everyday uses.  Also, choose greyscale printing over color printing when possible.

In both cases, you’ll save money, save ink and produce fewer empty printer cartridges (yes, they can be recycled, but less is always best).

Stop at the first click

September 5, 2011

Overfilling that gas tank costs you money!

When filling our gas tanks, most of us ‘top it up’ a bit: after the gas nozzle clicks to signal the tank is full, we add a bit more, to round it up to the next full dollar.

But usually that’s not a good thing: it results in fuel dollars being lost as vapour coming out of the tank; it can result in a spill of some of that fuel we’ve paid for (and sometimes we don’t see those spills because our vehicle may have a hidden overflow pipe); and on hot days it can result in spills later since gas expands as it warms.  Bad for the wallet, bad for the environment.

The solution is easy: believe the gas nozzle when it clicks, and choose not to top up your tank.  It will save you money, conserve precious gas and reduce damage to the environment.