Stop at the first click

September 5, 2011

Overfilling that gas tank costs you money!

When filling our gas tanks, most of us ‘top it up’ a bit: after the gas nozzle clicks to signal the tank is full, we add a bit more, to round it up to the next full dollar.

But usually that’s not a good thing: it results in fuel dollars being lost as vapour coming out of the tank; it can result in a spill of some of that fuel we’ve paid for (and sometimes we don’t see those spills because our vehicle may have a hidden overflow pipe); and on hot days it can result in spills later since gas expands as it warms.  Bad for the wallet, bad for the environment.

The solution is easy: believe the gas nozzle when it clicks, and choose not to top up your tank.  It will save you money, conserve precious gas and reduce damage to the environment.


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