Don’t egg the planet this October 31

October 17, 2011

An eco-friendly Halloween

Halloween is a much-awaited highlight for kids everywhere: a chance to dress up, spook the neighbours and get tons of tasty loot!  But Halloween has a pretty big carbon footprint, and that’s a bit like egging your mother’s house: not nice.

Here are five tips to make your Halloween celebrations a little greener:

  • The single most important thing you can do: leave the car home, and have trick-or-treaters walk (escorted if necessary) around the neighbourhood
  • Use stuff you already have, plus a bit of imagination, to create your costume.  It saves money and results in less trash.  Everybody should have a ‘tickle trunk’ like Mr. Dressup had!
  • Don’t distribute junk food or cheap low-quality treats from questionable distant origins.  Strive to give away treats that are healthy and nutritious, as well as good tasting.  (A challenge, I know – I clearly remember not being impressed with apples in my treat bag when I was a kid!)
  • If you want to be a real eco-hero, look for fair trade chocolate.  Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Minis qualify, and you can find other brands here.
  • Be sure to compost your pumpkin when it starts to melt away!

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