Make memories, not garbage, this Christmas

December 11, 2011

A trash-free holiday

For most of us, Christmas is a wonderful time for family, friends and gifting.  But unfortunately, there’s also a downside to Christmas: junk that’s often in the landfill by Easter, and the biggest pickup day of the year for the trash man.  So this year, why not give the trash man – and your planet – a break?

The Clean Bin Project is a wonderful initiative by three young Canadians to try to produce zero trash for a year. Their website has many litterless gift ideas for the holidays, such as:

  • Tickets to a theatre, music performance or movie
  • Passes to a gym or museum
  • Classes
  • Outdoor experiences such as snowshoeing or horseback riding
  • Massages or other health and wellness experiences
  • House cleaning services
  • Homemade consumables
  • Secondhand items

Read more great ideas here, to help you create more memories and less garbage this Christmas.

One Response to “Make memories, not garbage, this Christmas”

  1. Thanks for the mention Carl! I like how you put it about the stuff we buy at Christmas being in the landfill by Easter. That really drives it home.

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