Save money, energy – and WORK!

March 3, 2012

Dare to wear clothes more than once between washes 

By habit, most of us are accustomed to throwing all our clothes into the laundry after we’ve worn them once.  But unless we work in situations where we sweat a lot or get physically dirty, most of us could easily get away with wearing clothes at least twice between washings.  The advantages are MANY:

  1. Clothes will last longer, because washing is a pretty punishing process
  2. Clothes washers and dryers will last longer because they’ll be doing fewer loads
  3. Much less detergent will be used
  4. Much less water – particularly that energy-intensive hot water – will be used
  5. Less dryer use means lots of electricity will be saved, because a single dryer uses as much power as 350 CFL light bulbs
  6. IMPORTANTLY: wearing clothes more than once will greatly reduce your washday workload!

So – to save money, energy and work, dare to wear your clothes more than once between washes.  (Logical exceptions: socks and underwear)


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