Another reason to love a sunny day

April 17, 2012

Is a solar hot water system in your future? 

I love sunny days – and this picture shows another reason why:

That’s the temperature gauge on our home’s solar hot water tank yesterday (April 17).  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the solar system – which pre-heats water going into our electric hot water heater – was working so well it actually made the water hotter than my electric tank normally heats it!  In other words, free hot water from the sun.  The system works every month of the year, but works best in the spring, summer and fall.

My hot water is not entirely free, of course, because the solar system wasn’t free.  But many energy efficiency programs offer incentives to help bring the investment down.  And because sunlight is free, solar hot water offers protection against rising power rates.

Here’s a link to Thermo-Dynamics, the Atlantic Canadian company that manufactures systems like mine.


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