Five ways to reduce food waste

May 1, 2012

Prevent ‘refrigerator rot’, save money and do a good thing – all at the same time!

From the readers of Slate magazine, here are five ways you can save on your food bill and reduce waste at the same time:

1. Create and stick to a shopping list: so that you don’t overbuy, especially perishable produce

2. Buy food with cash instead of on credit: to resist the urge to buy too much or to buy impulse items

3. Stick to a single cuisine: so that your leftovers don’t look like the United Nations in a fridge

4. Limit your ‘experimental purchases’ like exotic produce: they usually have a big carbon footprint, and can easily spoil before you figure out how to cook them

5. Schedule one night a week as leftover night: to use up all those leftovers

You can check out Slate’s full list of food-saving tips here.


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