Having fun AND solving our global environmental challenges at the same time

June 12, 2012

19 climate change games that could change the future

Whether it’s played on a board or on a screen, just about everyone enjoys a good game.  And great games can bring out a surprising degree of analysis, creativity, strategy and action –the very same traits that make humans uniquely able to overcome big challenges.  Like climate change.

ClimateProgress has compiled a list of 19 computer, role-playing and board games that put players into the heart of energy, economic and development issues that are at the core of climate change.  The list includes:

  • SimCity 5: a new version of the longstanding urban development computer game that incorporates sustainability and active transport
  • Climate Catan: a version of the popular “Settlers of Catan” featuring oil as a resource that fuels development but leads to environmental disaster (AKA reality)
  • “Stabilization Wedge” Game: based on Princeton University’s ground-breaking research, offers participants real-world options, choices and tradeoffs for cutting global emissions

Check out the list of all 19 games at http://tinyurl.com/ClimateChangeGames.


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