Connoisseurs take note

August 7, 2012

It would be a HUGE stretch to call me a vintner, but I do enjoy going to a local commercial establishment where I can buy a kit and, with a bit of expert help, turn it into pretty nice wine.  However, I’ve always been uneasy about even the small amount of waste from wine making and consumption – labels, corks and foil seals.  (Not so much bottles, because they’re reused or recycled.)

If you make wine, here are some small steps you can take to reduce the eco-footprint of your beverage:

  • Forego labelling individual bottles and instead label cases
  • Skip the foil seals
  • If you use synthetic corks, try not to pierce them all the way through with your corkscrew, and then save them for reuse again and again
  • If you use real corks, compost them and consider using (and reusing) synthetic corks

If you don’t make wine but enjoy sipping it:

  • Compost real corks, and save synthetic ones to give to friends who make wine (you might get a gift bottle out of it)
  • Consider the distance wine has travelled and choose the most local one that satisfies your palate
  • If you’re hard-core green: make a vineyard’s green credentials part of your purchase decision

Some small ways you can say cheers to the planet!


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