Something YOU can have in common with Walmart, TD Bank, Air Miles and many other leading companies

September 18, 2012

Green power within your reach, TODAY!

What do the above companies, plus Royal Bank, BMO, Shaw Communications, Kraft Foods, Nissan, Home Depot and Google have in common?  They run part or all of their operations on green power – sustainable electricity produced from renewable sources.

No, they don’t have power plants in their back yards.  They simply buy certified green power from a green energy provider, and have it delivered through the existing power grid.

And you can too, for your home or business.  Just Google “green energy provider” to find a company that offers service in your area, and then sign up.  There are no wires or switches, and no worries about reliability.  However, there is a small premium price for green power, typically a couple of cents per kilowatt-hour.  If you’re keen on green power, hopefully you’ll agree it’s a small price to pay for being carbon-free.  And – by buying green power, you are creating an incentive for the development of more green power, and helping transform the market.  A really good thing!

Here’s a quick overview of how green power works, and here’s a link to a leading Canadian provider (in which I have no personal stake, financial or otherwise).


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