(Gulp) Christmas is coming

November 27, 2012

Tips for a low-stress, greener Christmas

Christmas may be a boom for the economy, but it’s a bust for the planet – from shopping road trips to disposable everything to low quality stuff shipped in from afar.

Here are a few ideas to help you go ‘stuff-less’ this year:

  • For the foodie, a share in a local community supported agriculture operation that will provide a weekly box of fresh, local food
  • Coupons for hair care, gym membership, home cleaning, snow removal, massages or dinner at a local restaurant
  • For the driver, a printout of “10 Eco-Driving Tips For Everyone” (www.tinyurl.com/howtoimprovemileage2) that can help the average driver save at least 10% on their fuel bill every day
  • Homemade items like knitted goods, baking, preserves and crafts


  • Shop secondhand shops for nearly-new clothing, books, music, electronics, furniture and more at a fraction of their original prices
  • Make commemorative donations to organizations that share your values: a homeless shelter, food bank, nature trust, animal shelter
  • Purchase carbon offsets for your friends.  Learn more at www.tinyurl.com/COffsetInfo.

More ideas here – and lots of reasons not to go shopping in this one minute video.  Happy green holidays!

Thanks to Alicen Thorne for this Green Idea!

24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report

2012 has been a year of crazy weather extremes: from the devastating drought that scorched much of North America last summer, to the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy, to the 80 mm of rain that caused flooding in my community three weeks ago.

If you’re wondering about the link between weird weather and climate change, tune in to 24 Hours of Reality November 14-15.  It’s a marathon 24-hour program to be livestreamed globally starting November 14 at 8 PM Eastern.  It will feature clear, science-based explanations of the link between climate change and extreme weather; climate news from around the world; and solutions.  The finale will be presented live from New York November 15 at 7 PM Eastern by Hon. Al Gore.

Watch an 80 second promo here; and watch the event itself here (scroll down for the hour-by-hour schedule).  You can watch as much or as little as you like.  And please forward the links to your friends and share on your networks!