(Gulp) Christmas is coming

November 27, 2012

Tips for a low-stress, greener Christmas

Christmas may be a boom for the economy, but it’s a bust for the planet – from shopping road trips to disposable everything to low quality stuff shipped in from afar.

Here are a few ideas to help you go ‘stuff-less’ this year:

  • For the foodie, a share in a local community supported agriculture operation that will provide a weekly box of fresh, local food
  • Coupons for hair care, gym membership, home cleaning, snow removal, massages or dinner at a local restaurant
  • For the driver, a printout of “10 Eco-Driving Tips For Everyone” (www.tinyurl.com/howtoimprovemileage2) that can help the average driver save at least 10% on their fuel bill every day
  • Homemade items like knitted goods, baking, preserves and crafts


  • Shop secondhand shops for nearly-new clothing, books, music, electronics, furniture and more at a fraction of their original prices
  • Make commemorative donations to organizations that share your values: a homeless shelter, food bank, nature trust, animal shelter
  • Purchase carbon offsets for your friends.  Learn more at www.tinyurl.com/COffsetInfo.

More ideas here – and lots of reasons not to go shopping in this one minute video.  Happy green holidays!

Thanks to Alicen Thorne for this Green Idea!


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