A simple phrase to add to your restaurant routine

February 6, 2013

“A glass of tap water, no ice, no straw, please”

I try to make that line part of my routine when ordering at a restaurant, but I forgot once again last week.  So, in the depths of a January freeze, I was served a glass of water that was one-third ice, with a plastic straw that I didn’t use.  That means most of the energy and resources that went into my drink were wasted, because they went into things I didn’t want.
It seems the default in many restaurants is to serve water with lots of ice (no matter what time of year) and at least one straw.  That’s tons of ice and hundreds of thousands of straws, every single day, just in this country.
Perhaps we can do better.  Imagine if all restaurant patrons made the same simple request: tap water, no ice (or one cube if you insist), no straw.  It’s only a small thing, but what a difference small actions make when undertaken by many.
So the next time you eat out, why not try to remember, “A glass of tap water, no ice, no straw, please.”

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