Make a soup of it

May 14, 2013

Minimize waste and save on your grocery bill

Food is a very significant part of our carbon footprint:

– it takes energy to produce; that’s especially so for meat and other animal products

– it travels long distances to get to our plate

– we often end up wasting A LOT of what we buy at the grocery store (up to one quarter of all the produce we buy, by one estimate)

In a world where we lose so many people to hunger every day, it seems obscene to waste food – so why not use leftovers to make soup?  Here’s a blog with loads of ideas for soups and other yummy dishes made from leftovers.  And here’s a link to Simply in Season, a favourite cookbook of the chief cook in our household; it’s loaded with recipes for healthy living and a healthy planet.  So is the More With Less Cookbook.

And – here’s a simple one-pager with suggestions on how to minimize food spoilage.  Happy nibbling!


2 Responses to “Make a soup of it”

  1. In this day and age, no one is hungrey enough to eat their left overs. If only they realized how much money they save by throwing leftovers into a container in the freezer until they have time to make soup. I know several people who did this….all older of course

  2. Angie V. said

    You can also use vegetables and fruit in a smoothie each morning. It doesn’t matter if the fruit is over ripened or the spinach is wilted – you are still getting a nutritious beverage. You can also freeze spinach and the like until you are ready to use it for smoothies and even vegetable stir-frys. The frozen vegetables will make your smoothie nice and cool!!

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