Wrap Rage, and what you can do about it

July 9, 2013

Get angry about excessive packaging

Have you ever had Wrap Rage?  Probably, if ever you’ve bought a product that came in packaging that was:

  • Way bigger than the product itself;
  • Attractive, but completely unrecyclable (or a blend of materials that were impossible to separate for recycling); or
  • Impossible to open without a pry bar, jackhammer or chain saw

Beyond causing grief, excessive packaging causes excessive waste.  Here are two things you can do to fight Wrap Rage:

  1. Make wise choices: when possible, choose products that are more reasonably packaged
  2. Nominate a product for CBC Marketplace’s first annual Wrap Rage Awards.  Nominations are now open, and winners will be announced on television next season.  (There’s nothing like a little embarrassment to coax a manufacturer to change.)  Learn more about the awards here (one minute video); or submit your nominee – and see David Suzuki’s nominee (45 second video) – at CBC Marketplace.  Oh, and my nominee is here (100 second video)

Together, we can put an end to Wrap Rage!


One Response to “Wrap Rage, and what you can do about it”

  1. No Childs Toy’s packaging should be more dangerous than the toy itself. If Clamshell packaging was a consumer product it would have been banned years ago.

    I have submitted the designs, photos and video of a re-engineered clamshell to the IdeasProject. The IDEASproject (Instantly Deployable Evolvable Assembly System) is funded by the five major European exporters under the EU 7th framework program. Submissions to the IDEASproject are open source and free to use without further contact. However it is nice to know if an idea is useful.

    My reference is my Google rankings on the fallowing searches. “Re-engineered Clamshell”; “Clamshell Injuries”, “Clamshell without Wrap rage” and “End Wrap Rage”

    I call it the “SafePak”, “Safety for the Consumer and Product”.

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