Five tips for simpler living every day

Ah, summer: long and lazy days, simpler living.  If only all seasons could be that way.

Perhaps they can be.  Here are five tips for simpler living every day, courtesy of Tovah Paglaro, the David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green:

  1. Acquire only what you need. And choose used before new.
  2. Buy the best your budget permits. Broken items are wasteful clutter.
  3. Clear out unessentials. Less stuff means reduced dust and improved environmental health. Fewer emails allows more time for baking bread.
  4. Share. The sharing economy connects communities, while cutting back on consumption and clutter.
  5. Donate.

Good for you, good for your community, good for the planet.  The original article elaborates a bit; you can read it here.

Shared wheels

August 13, 2013

Carsharing: an awesome way to save money, energy and the environment

If you’re like me, your car accounts for a big share of your emissions and your budget.  Globally, there are over a billion cars and light trucks on the road – arg for our pocketbooks, arg for the planet.

Carsharing is a system that enables people to timeshare a vehicle, and it’s gaining popularity around the world, including in Canada.  Most carsharing models are pretty straightforward: users pay an up-front membership fee to join, and then another fee based on how much they use a shared vehicle. 

The advantages?  No need to buy a car and get locked into monthly payments.  No need for parking, repairs or insurance – all are covered through the program.  And – people who carshare usually end up planning their trips better and driving less; that’s good news all around.

Carsharing doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s perfect for people who can use public transit for everyday commutes, and as an alternative to a second car that is used infrequently.

Interested in learning more?  Here’s a list of carsharing programs across North America; and another here.  (A new service is to be launched in Moncton, New Brunswick this fall.)