Shared wheels

August 13, 2013

Carsharing: an awesome way to save money, energy and the environment

If you’re like me, your car accounts for a big share of your emissions and your budget.  Globally, there are over a billion cars and light trucks on the road – arg for our pocketbooks, arg for the planet.

Carsharing is a system that enables people to timeshare a vehicle, and it’s gaining popularity around the world, including in Canada.  Most carsharing models are pretty straightforward: users pay an up-front membership fee to join, and then another fee based on how much they use a shared vehicle. 

The advantages?  No need to buy a car and get locked into monthly payments.  No need for parking, repairs or insurance – all are covered through the program.  And – people who carshare usually end up planning their trips better and driving less; that’s good news all around.

Carsharing doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s perfect for people who can use public transit for everyday commutes, and as an alternative to a second car that is used infrequently.

Interested in learning more?  Here’s a list of carsharing programs across North America; and another here.  (A new service is to be launched in Moncton, New Brunswick this fall.)


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