Efficiency in the kitchen

October 2, 2013

Simple cooking and baking practices to save money and energy

The stove is probably the biggest energy user in our kitchen; there’s a reason for that massive power cord!!  But a few simple techniques can help most cooks save in the kitchen:

  • Use reflective foil drip pans under stovetop elements; in addition to catching spills, they reflect more heat up to where you want it
  • Use a microwave where possible; it uses less than a quarter of the energy of a conventional oven to do the same job
  • A small pot on a big element wastes nearly half of the element’s heat, so match the pot size to the element size
  • Preheat ovens only when necessary; except for baking, most foods can be cooked without heating (and the oven is the biggest energy user in a stove)
  • Turn things off a few minutes before cooking is done, and ‘coast’ to completed cooking; ovens can be turned off 15-20 minutes early

For many more similar kitchen tips, visit here.


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