How are you spending your Life Energy?

October 15, 2013

Are your consumption habits dictating your lifestyle?

In Your Money or Your Life, authors Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez invite readers to:

  • Track every penny they spend for a month, and then tally those figures into spending categories like food, entertainment, vehicle payment, vehicle expenses, mortgage, clothing, etc. (it’s possible to estimate, but honest tracking is much more accurate and revealing)
  • Determine what their net (IE after taxes and deductions) hourly income is
  • Calculate how many hours of work it is taking to pay for each of those spending categories

Here’s the key point: when we earn money, we are trading our time – our precious life energy, and the only commodity we have that is exclusively ours – for dollars.  A simple exercise like this can help us realize just how much of our (irreplaceable) time we are trading away for the things we consume – and whether, upon reflection, those things are worth that time they are taking from us.

Today, it seems so many of us are busy to the point of making ourselves unhappy and unwell.  Perhaps working through the above three steps can help us reflect, step back and reassign our precious life energy to things that are more important, more meaningful and more fulfilling.  That’s my hope for Canadian Thanksgiving Day.

(For more about Life Energy, check out Radical Simplicity by Jim Merkel.)


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