Go veggie for a day!

October 29, 2013

Meatless Mondays: healthy, sustainable – and doable!

Meat has a dark side that’s very difficult for any meat eater, me included, to acknowledge: it has a large environmental footprint.  That footprint includes:

  • On-farm impacts like emissions from trucks, tractors and both ends of animals, particularly cattle
  • ‘Upstream’ impacts from the manufacture and transport of farm inputs like feed and fertilizer (plus, in some cases, deforestation to produce feed)
  • ‘Downstream’ impacts from processing, packaging, freezing or chilling, transporting and retailing

It’s estimated that it takes about 20 times as much fossil fuel energy to produce a calorie of beef versus a calorie of plant protein.  Ouch!

If you’re among the many who are not quite ready to commit to a 100% vegetarian or vegan diet, why not try going Meatless on Mondays?  It’s a simple lifestyle change that can have a huge positive impact, and it’s a lot easier than you think!  Here’s a 2 minute video of recipes, and here’s a website with info, recipes, networking opportunities and more.

See you in the veggie burger lineup next Monday, or any day!


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