The next lighting revolution: LED light fixtures and panels

In the midst of a home reno this fall, I discovered new, incredibly efficient LED light fixtures.  I took the three pictures below yesterday:

1. the model we’re installing (no endorsement intended).  It’s surface mounted (not recessed into the ceiling like a pot light) but only about 5 cm thick.

2. what the light looks like: a warm glow, just like an incandescent light.  (If you’re into the technical side of light colors, these are 3000K.)

3. the reading from my power meter when I measured how much electricity the fixture uses.  It produces almost as much light as a conventional 60 watt bulb, but uses just 11 watts – an incredible 82% saving.


There are no light bulbs; the LEDs are part of the fixture, and the fixture is permanently installed by an electrician.  With a rating of 50,000 hours, LED fixtures are designed to last as long as your house.  New lighting panels are available too, for commercial buildings; learn more in this 90 second video (again, no endorsement intended).

If you’re building or renovating, forget about installing conventional lights – look to incredibly efficient LED light fixtures and panels.