A trick to making recycling the easiest option

January 7, 2014

A simple recycling solution

So much of the trash we produce is recyclable, but sometimes recycling is a nuisance: different materials need to be put in different containers, which are often in different locations.  It’s a nuisance, and often that nuisance factor is a key reason why recycling programs don’t work as well as they should.

So here’s a relatively easy solution: a multi compartment container that centralizes trash and recycling in your home or workplace: one container for trash, one for paper, one for other materials.  It’s sized to fit neatly into typical under-the-counter cabinets, and it rolls out for easy access to all three bins.  This image comes from Home Depot’s website (no endorsement intended) but many stores carry similar models or other models with fewer or more bins.


A simple solution to make recycling easier!


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