Is it really that urgent?

March 4, 2014

When possible, use regular mail instead of overnight courier services

I remember the bold lettering written across the last courier package I received: “EXTREMELY URGENT”.  But, honestly, the package really wasn’t very urgent.

When it comes to delivery services, it seems that many of us by default look to overnight courier services.  That’s too bad, because even though such services are very convenient, they have a huge carbon footprint.  For example, FedEx is one of the biggest airlines in the world – far bigger than Air Canada, British Airways, Lufthansa or Air France.  Instead of passengers, FedEx delivers hundreds of tonnes of packages every day.  FedEx also has nearly 100,000 delivery trucks.  So you get the picture – huge carbon footprint.  (And I don’t mean to pick on one company; FedEx’s competitors would have a similar profile.)  And much of what’s delivered truly isn’t that urgent.

So the next time you need to ship a document or package, or purchase something on line, why not reconsider whether it’s really urgent and ship via plain old regular mail?  It’s probably cheaper, and it’s definitely better for the planet.


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