A second life for your milk bags

March 18, 2014

Reuse milk bags for food storage and freezing

Of the three Rs, Reduce is the most important (by far, actually).  But Reusing is important too, and the bags that milk comes in are a great example.  They’re made of a sturdy #4 plastic so they are recyclable.  However, if sliced open at the top and washed out, they’re perfect candidates for Reuse, and that’s even better than Recycling.

For example, milk bags are great for storing food like half an onion or an open package of cheese in the fridge.  And, because they’re thick and tough, they’re excellent as freezer bags.  We use them that way in our home – for squash, beans, chilli and more – and we save because we never need to buy freezer bags.

So why not Reuse those milk bags?  You’ll save a bit of money, and do a good thing for the planet!


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