Can you spot the LED?

April 1, 2014

LED light bulbs, the next big thing in home lighting

When it comes to lighting, many of us are reluctant to let go of those old incandescent because we like the soft, warm light they give. (Plus they come on instantly.) Well, take a look at this picture and see if you can pick out which bulb is the incandescent and which is an LED.


They’re very similar, but there’s one big difference: the incandescent is using 60 watts of power (and is blistering hot) while the LED is using just 9.5 watts. Plus LED light bulbs last as long as 25 incandescent bulbs, so they may well be the last bulbs you’ll ever have to buy – or change. They’re more expensive to buy, but far cheaper overall because of their long life and efficient operation. And if you happen to live in New Brunswick, now is the perfect time to switch to LEDs: there’s a discount of $6/bulb for the month of April; details here.

So choose LED light bulbs – like the one on the left. (It’s a Cree soft white ENERGY STAR.)


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