Check your cupboards or visit your neighbours

May 13, 2014

Resist the urge to run to the convenience store for every little need

There’s no doubt that convenience stores are convenient. But they come with three price tags:

  • Because they are always there and always open, they are a safety net we easily learn to depend upon; they remove the need for us to plan ahead.
  • Products are more expensive than they would be if purchased from a grocery store.
  • Convenience stores often involve stepping into a vehicle and going for a ride (and the cost of that trip often is greater than the cost of purchases).

The next time you run low on something and feel tempted to zip out to a convenience store, why not consider these two alternatives:

  • Check your cupboard, and improvise with what you have on hand
  • Visit a neighbour to see if you can borrow what you need. (Comes with social fringe benefits too!)

Both of these alternatives (drawn from a great book I’m reading, Your Money or Your Life) fall within the definition of ‘resourcefulness’, a skill our grandparents knew well, and something we’d probably do well to rediscover.


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