Sharing, an old idea with new relevance

September 16, 2014

True story: I was working outside earlier this week when a neighbour stopped by. “Do you have a chain saw?” she asked. “I’ve got a new wood splitter and I’ll lend it to you if you can cut up a few trees for me.” (Like many of us here, she’s still cleaning up from Hurricane Arthur two months ago.)

It was a timely exchange: not only is sharing is nice thing to do, but it’s also a sustainable thing to do. Most of the stuff we own sits idle 95+ percent of the time; in fact, it’s said that the average drill gets used less than 20 minutes over its entire life.

Sharing makes sense for many reasons:

  • Less stuff needs to be manufactured; that equals a reduced carbon footprint
  • Less stuff needs to be purchased; that equals savings
  • Less stuff needs to be stored
  • Less stuff ends up in the trash
  • You get to know your neighbours better

So the next time you need a tool of some sort – whether a wood splitter, chain saw, ladder or just about anything else – why not head for the neighbours instead of the store? Share!


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